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Un nouvel album de Seventh Wonder en préparation

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Malgré l’actualité chargée de son chanteur Tommy Karevik (je ne vous ferai pas l’affront de vous rappeler la quelle), le groupe progressif suédois Seventh Wonder est en pleine phase de préparation du prochain album successeur à l’excellent « The Great Escape » paru il y a maintenant près de 2 ans.

Voici un communiqué du batteur Stefan Norgren (membre du groupe depuis avril 2011) posté sur le forum officiel du groupe:

What´s up, friends of SW worldwide!

This is Stefan checking in to share some of the stuff going on at SW headquarters at the moment. As you all know, Tommy is currently tearing up the road with Kamelot in the US, having a blast and scoring loads of new SW fans in the process! Awesome!

Meanwhile Andreas, Johan, Kyrrt and myself are hard at work on the follow up to “The great escape”, trading riffs, throwing out ideas, arranging parts and even full songs and demoing like crazy.

Tommy left some great stuff for us to dig into and we´ve also written a bunch of tracks based on each of our individual ideas. Being the new guy, I´m thrilled to be part of this creative process. I mean, the level of musicianship with these guys is mindblowing, yet much of the stuff I´ve been presented with, while seemingly impossible to pull off at first, is so clever and well written that it makes sense musically right off the bat. I guess that´s part of the magic of SW music that I fell in love with when I first joined the band. The new music is definitely very progressive and melodic and totally in the vein of the last couple of albums, but you´ll also find it´s heavier than before…

We cannot wait to share it with you guys!

Stay tuned…


Voilà donc une bonne nouvelle pour l’année prochaine…

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