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Un second album en préparation pour Forever’s Edge

Salvatore Pisano le guitariste de Forever’s Edge a publié récemment un message sur la page Facebook du groupe à propos de leur préparation du second album. Celui-ci devrait s’intituler “Hereafter”. Il ne reste apparemment que les basses et les lignes de chant à enregistrer.

Forever's Edge - HereAfter annonce

Voici le message:

Sal Pisano of Forever’s Edge here and the title says it all. We are coming back with a second album for you guys. First before I get into that I wish to apologize to all of you guys on Myspace. Poor upkeep and fan interaction. Know we appreciate and hear all your words. As well as the lack of news. We choose not to put out Spam & anything other than direct words from the bands mouth what you want to hear.

So with that the news!

Album 2 is going fantastically
Drums, Keys & Guitars are Done
And we’re ready for the next step in Vocal & Bass Tracking!

I gotta say guys, the material is second to none. If you’re a fan of Chaotic Silence, this album is going to blow you guys away. The material is raw, while keeping the spirit of it’s predecessor. We even threw in a couple of ‘nods’ to all you fans of the 1st album. If anything think of this as a Sequel to a movie. And not a whole new identity.

Pignataro our new keyboardist has shined through on this one with massive orchestrations, scorching leads & out standing compositionary work. On top of Samus Paulicelli’s legendary drum playing, our second album has raised the bar above and beyond any of our wildest imaginations. And we haven’t even tracked vocals yet!

To close this off I will once again apologize and encourage you all to follow us on Facebook. ( We routinely check the FB Site & Submit Updates more frequently for you. But to make up for the lack of content. Im uploading personally myself a (Remix) or (Redeaux) of Everlost featuring new drums, guitars & keys.


Voilà une actualité que je suivrai de près tant j’avais énormément apprécié leur premier opus “Chaotic Silence” sorti au mois de juillet 2010.

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