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Déjà un nouvel album pour Rhapsody Of Fire

A peine quelques mois après la sortie de “The Frozen Tears Of Angels” et quelques semaines depuis l’EP “The Cold Embrace Of Fear”, Rhapsody Of Fire est déjà en studio pour enregistrer leur 10ème album intitulé “From Chaos To Eternity” clôturant enfin la saga initiée en 1997 avec leur premier opus “Lengendary Tales”. La sortie est prévue au printemps 2011. Deux éditions seront disponibles, et tout cela pour un total de près de 65 minutes de musique:

  • Edition standard comprenant un livret de 24 pages
  • Edition limitée comprenant un livret de 48 pages ainsi que 2 titres bonus

Voici le communiqué du groupe que l’on peut lire sur leur site officiel (quelques titres y sont dévoilés):


    From Chaos To Eternity" is the title of the new RHAPSODY OF FIRE’s full length album, that will be released in Spring 2011 through Nuclear Blast at a worldwide level. The 10th studio album of the Italian power metal act will be a new musical masterpiece. Described by the band as the natural evolution of the monumental chartbreaker of 2010 "The Frozen Tears Of Angels", the new album will represent an important goal in the history of RHAPSODY OF FIRE, as it will be the last one based in the fantasy saga started in 1997 with the debut album "Legendary Tales".

    As usual Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli will be the producers of the new work. But for the first time, part of such a production (vocals and guitar recordings) was and will be mostly based in Trieste, the Italian hometown of the two founders. The recordings of bass and drums already took place in Wolfsburg at "The Gate Studio" under the wise supervision of their longtime friend Sascha Paeth (AVANTASIA, ANGRA and more).

    Luca says: "We are really proud to reveal to the whole world that the production of our new full length album is at a very good point already. Lyrically it has a particular meaning for all of us, as with the 5th and final chapter of the "Dark Secret saga" our band will close its fantasy cycle started 13 years ago. The dark secret will finally reveal itself and for the last time Sir Christopher Lee will give his unique and fundamental contribution to our work. Musically expect something really special out of the ten album titles. A song like "Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds" with its rageous and hypnotic guitar riff, will make you breath the dusty atmospheres of the southern ghostlands. "Aeons Of Raging Darkness" is pure melodic chaos translated into music, "Tornado" the greatest technical challenge for each single bandmember and "Tempesta Di Fuoco", the first speed track completely sung in Italian language. For my song "Fantasia Gotica" I wrote and finalized the cinematic orchestral arrangements inspired by the visionary genius of Tim Burton, while "The Splendour Of Angels’s Glory (A Final Revelation)" is Alex’s choral and majestic track for the perfect finale of the dark secret saga. Our bass player Patrice Guers and our drummer Alex Holzwarth did their best job so far in a RHAPSODY OF FIRE album. One more word is needed to underline the excellent performance of our singer: in this new release, Fabio Lione will present himself definitely as one of the best and most versatile singers, being able to pass with unique ability and talent from the most aggressive vocals, to clean angelic voices and powerful operatic parts. Once more you are going to be really surprised."

Alex Staropoli adds: "As always the cinematic elements that defined our style will enrich each track, but the guitar work will be again very important too. What is sure is, that for such an album Luca and I composed our best solos ever!

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